Links / Webskakels

The list below provides useful links to websites and additional resources about chess. Please report broken links to the webmaster.

Die lys hieronder bied nuttige skakels na webwerwe en addisionele inligting oor skaak. Rapporteer asseblief stukkende skakels aan die webmaster.


Wikipedia article about Chess. Read more about the origin of the game and how it is played.

Chess News

ChessBase. Large website with lots of news articles about international chess.

Chess Governing Bodies

FIDA. FIDE is the governing body for chess worldwide.

CHESSA. Chess South Africa is the governing body for chess in South Africa.

South African Chess Trainers Association. Website with content for educators in chess.

Pretoria Clubs

Pretoria Chess Club. Chess club based in Villieria, Pretoria.

Centurion Chess Club. Chess club based in Centurion, Pretoria.

Online Chess

ChessCube. A South-African based site where you can play online chess.

PlayChess. Online chess with a large number of players available.

Chess Equipment

Chess Connection. South African suppliers of chess equipment.