Club Championship / Klubkampioenskappe

Rooth-Giovannetti Trophy / Rooth-Giovanetti Trofee

A yearly club championship takes place since 1923. The winner receives the Rooth-Giovannetti Trophy, donated to the chess club in 1923 by E Rooth and CW Giovannetti. The names of the winners are mounted on the trophy foot piece.

Daar word sedert 1923 jaarliks 'n toernooi gehou om 'n klubkampioen te bepaal. Die wenner ontvang die Rooth-Giovannetti Wisseltrofee, wat in 1923 deur E Rooth en CW Giovannetti aan die skaakklub geskenk is. Die name van die wenners word op die voetstuk van die beker aangebring.

Champions / Kampioenne

The names of the club champions since 1923 are indicated in the table below. Prof. Albert Ponelis, who has won the championship a record 19 times, is still active in the club today.

Die name van die klubkampioenne sedert 1923 word in die tabel hieronder aangetoon. Prof. Albert Ponelis, wenner van die kampioenskap 'n rekord 19 keer, is steeds 'n aktiewe speler by die skaakklub.

1923FW Dunbar
1924FW Dunbar
1925WC Walker
1926WC Walker
1927LD Murray
1928WC Walker
1929LD Murray
1930LD Murray
1931S Paiken
1932LD Murray
1933LD Murray
1934WC Walker
1935AG Visser
1936AG Visser
1937LD Murray
1938AG Visser
1939AG Visser
1940LD Murray
1941LD Murray
1942LD Murray
1943LD Murray
1944LD Murray
1945LD Murray
1946LD Murray
1947LD Murray
1948K Dreyer
1949K Dreyer
1950K Dreyer
1951LD Murray
1952J van Dyk
1953J van Dyk
1954J van Dyk
1955J van Dyk
1956J van Dyk
1957MJM Bennett
1958J van Dyk
1959HH Pfeiffer
1960JG du Preez
1961J van Dyk
1962J van Dyk, P Kroon
1963P Kroon
1964JG du Preez, G de Villiers
1965P Kroon, AA Ponelis
1966P Kroon
1967PJS Robbertse
1968A Haller
1969PJS Robbertse, A Haller
1970AA Ponelis
1971P Aalbersberg
1972G de Villiers, PJS Robbertse, DP Laurie
1973PJS Robbertse
1974P Aalbersberg
1975MC Wright
1976AA Ponelis
1977AA Ponelis
1978AA Ponelis
1979C van der Meyden
1980R van Niekerk
1981AA Ponelis
1982VFJ Blasl
1983AA Ponelis
1984AA Ponelis
1985AA Ponelis, A Goosen
1986AA Ponelis
1987AA Ponelis
1988A Schutte
1989J Moolman
1990DJ Laurie
1991GA Paszczyk
1992AA Ponelis
1993GA Paszczyk
1994AA Ponelis
1995GA Paszczyk
1996GA Paszczyk
1997WJH Nelson
1998NJ Wiechers
1999AA Ponelis
2000AA Ponelis, H Steyn, J de Wet
2001AA Ponelis
2002H Steyn
2003AA Ponelis
2004AA Ponelis
2005AA Ponelis
2006PE van der Walt
2007A Heyns
2008H Steyn
2009FP Senekal
2010G Plint
2011G Plint
2012J Wilken
2013C Bornheim
2014J Wilken
2015WJH Nelson



Round Robin.

Time Control

90/90 minutes for 40 moves and 15 minutes thereafter to complete the game.

Start Time

All games will start at 20:00 (Game may start earlier if agreed upon by the players). Players not seated by 20:00 will forfeit the game


Games will be played at the club on the scheduled days. Two (2) additional days were added to play postponed games. Players may arrange to play at an alternate venue and time if unavailable on the club night.


Postponements must be made at least 48 hours before the game is due. (Exceptions only in proven emergency situations). Failure to pitch for a scheduled game or to postpone in time will result in your opponent claiming the point. Postponements must be made with your opponent directly, not the TD.


FIDE July 2009 rules will apply and the TD's decision will be final.

Tournament Director

Johan de Lange (and Riaan Swart)


Johan de Lange. All disputes will be referred to the club committee.

Tie Break

In the event of a tie, the winner will be based on the result of direct encounter and if there is still no clear winner then Sonneborn-Berger will determine the final placing.


The winner of the B division will automatically be promoted to the A division for the following year, and the last place of the A division will be relegated to the B division. The same will apply to the other divisions.

Unfinished Games

Any game not completed in the given timeframe (11 weeks) will be decided on by arbitration.


If a player played less than 50% of his games, then all results against him will be deleted. If a player played more than 50% of his games, then the results against him will stand, and points for all unplayed games will be allocated to the opponents.


All casual players not playing in the tournament and spectators shall abide by the rules.


All prizes will be awarded at the AGM in November.

End of Play

All players must pack away their sets, boards after their game is finished and wash their coffee cups.